Every Dialysis Patient Can Travel

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A feature in today’s Straits Times about Madam Ivy Tan who chose Peritoneal Dialysis but still finds it challenging to travel due to the manual exchanges she has to perform and carry several bags of PD solution per day while traveling abroad. As Madam Tan said, “Every dialysis patient can travel, it’s just a matter of how you adjust”.

But with AWAK Technologies’ revolutionary APD on-the-go device, patients don’t have to adjust, since the therapy adapts to their lifestyle.

AWAK – #AdaptingTherapyToLifestyle #ChangingDialysisForever See more of Madam Tan’s journey on: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/health/dialysis-stops-avid-traveller-from-going-farther-for-trips-abroad

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